What Percent Animals Lover Are You Deep Down Inside?











Consider yourself an animal lover, do you? Perhaps you go to sleep with a warm ball of fluff snug around your feet? If you move does this fluff ball growl at you? Or do you have a purring kitten kneading at you tummy?

A true animal lover more than likely has a herd of animals themselves. From dogs, to cats and even birds. Maybe even a horse or two if you are really lucky. Ideally, an animal lover would want to live on a farm where they can keep as many animals safe and as happy as possible.

Or maybe you have a tattoo of a pawprint stretched across your arm? You know you are an animal lover when greeting your dog is priority, and your spouse is acknowledged later.

Let's face it though, life without animals would be boring. Who would be there to play fetch all day, and who would chew your boots? There wouldn't be any litter boxes to empty or poop to step past. There would be no warm snuggles. We can all agree that the world is a better place with these creatures around.

Take this quiz to find out if you are a true animal lover.