This Art Quiz Will Determine If You Can Be The Next Leonardo Da Vinci











You know who painted the Mona Lisa, but how much do you know about the principle of art and design?

What better way to sure up your knowledge of art than taking some awesome online art quizzes to test your knowledge.

From the incredible Leonardo da Vinci to the iconic Claude Monet, artists have produced some of the most meaningful, beautiful, and mysterious works in history. Each artist has their own style and technique making their piece very unique.

Art buffs, you'll need to know more than just the most famous paintings in the world to pass this quiz! Sure you can identify the Mona Lisa, but do you know the names of Andy Warhol's art? What about Van Gogh's most famous piece? Do you know Georges Seurat's work? Bring your knowledge of the most influential artist in history.

Do you know the style, time period, and graphical content of many paintings throughout history? This will help you to remember the names of these incredible works of art. Let's see if you can find your favorite painting on this quiz!

Artists have created some impressive works throughout history that have made them famous even years after their deaths. Their art lives on forever. So, if you think you know your paintings, take the quiz to see your score!