Ohh You're A Bookworm? Prove It By Passing This Quiz











There are bookworms out there, and then there are those people that just sit around watching TV all day, or at least doing something else.

If you want to know if you are a bookworm or not, or just want to take this quiz for fun, go ahead and try it!

For this quiz, the majority of the literary works are fiction novels which all have film (or television) adaptations.

There are books ranging from innocent characters like a talking bear fighting to adapt to the human lifestyle, or a pig who was saved from being killed thanks to a young girl. Also magical worlds are a thing – some which are hidden inside a wardrobe. But there are also some novels who have themes of racism, murder and oppression. Cue Katniss Everdeen single handily tearing down all President Snow had built with a handful of Nightlock.

The questions are formulated to test both the knowledge of popular titles as well as the authors of these popular books to determine who is a true lover of books. There is a pleasant mixture of old and new, classic and contemporary, children and adult to really challenge the bookworms out there. Put the love of reading to the test and try to name all of these authors and their respective titles.